Pre-Construction Questions

This is a list of the questions I asked our Project Manager (PM) during our Pre-construction meeting.


How wide is the opening for the fridge? 42"

Window in the Master Baths? No, since we didn't get the Upgrade.

Towel bars in all the bathrooms?

Wall paint color - Name and Manufacturer?
Shell White (Sherwin Williams), Flat for walls, Semi-gloss for Trim.

Who is the AC and furnace manufacturer?  Warranty?  
Not sure for manufacturer (will provide later.  Yes for warranty.

Windows in the basement?
Yes, one.

Will all of the bedrooms doors have locks on them?

Carpet on the stairs? Yes.

Can I raise the dryer exhaust higher up on wall?

Shower doors?
Only on first floor bathroom.

Where is basement bathroom rough in located?  
Same location as basement bathroom on plans.

Can I add a pvc pipe from basement to attic for future low voltage pulls?

Second Floor laundry joist support?
No.  Supposedly engineered to handle this.

Center Upstairs Bathroom light (as if for double vanity)


Make sure he/she is aware of extra outlet requested in Garage.  Yes.

Passive Radon requirement.  Yes, this is new local requirement.

Drainpipe in the garage? No.

Garage walls drywalled? Yes.

Confirm where are the hose bibs located?  Shown on plan.

Vinyl siding manufacturer and color? In case I want to add matching shed later.  PlyGem.  They also gave us the name of the local distributor they are using, who will have a record for our house.

What brand of roof shingles are on the house and what is the warranty? 30 Year.

Cost to add Garage side brick?  Not available.

Flood lights? Yes.

Weather resistant barrier under siding? Yes.

Carbon monoxide requirement.  Yes, this is new local requirement.

Horizontal rebar in poured concrete foundation walls requirement. Yes. (and vertical).

General Questions

What inspections will happen at each stage?  Independent inspections.

How often can we visit the site? Once roof is on, any time we want, as long as we give a 24 notice.

What is the best way to reach you if I have questions?  Email.

Can I bring in my own home inspector? Yes.

Estimated completion date? Late June.

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  1. Good questions, I wish I would have asked the paint, siding, and code questions. Not like they would been able to answer them, because my meeting was way to early for them know the answers I want. I will have to follow up when we start.