Please be patient, these take a little time to load.

The first calculator is 30 year FHA mortgage calculator with the newest Mortgage Insurance rates.  Please keep in mind FHA mortgage limits for your county.

You will need to contact your Insurance provider to get an accurate estimate for Homeowner's Insurance.  Check the County Auditor's website to find the Property tax rate in your area.  Also, be sure to change the Interest rates based on the current values.  (Darker blue values are calculations and are locked from editing)  (Entered information will not be saved).

 I may add a 30 Conventional mortgage calculator at a later date, but estimating Private Mortgage Insurance is harder since it is credit score driven.

Ever wonder how much an extra option costs per month?  Or how much you will pay for it the life of the loan?  The next calculator figures that out for you.

Note: I am human and I do make mistakes.  Please use these calculators as estimates only and check with your lender to confirm all rates and values.  If you find any errors, please let me know.