Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pre-settlement Walk-through and Settlement

Tomorrow is the Big Day.  I can't believe it's already here.

Tomorrow is the Pre-settlement walk-through and paper signing.  However, we don't get keys until Monday.  (We decided to sign early so we wouldn't have to take two days off of work).  We will be making a list of things they need to have fixed my Monday, which they will sign off on.

Now the really good news:  Our closing costs are about $1400 less than expected.  The Good Faith Estimates (GFE) we have been receiving have all been missing the credit Ryan Homes gives us for prorated property taxes. The final HUD paperwork has this credit.  Now what upgrades should we spend this on?

I know some people have had issues with NVR Mortgage, but our Loan Officer and Processor have been nothing but fantastic!  They have been really easy to work with and willing to answer any question I have had throughout this process.  Great work Matt S. and Dawn S.!!!!

We are shopping for six ceiling fans and can't decide where to buy these from.  I have a coupon for Lowe's plus they are running 15% off all ceiling fans, but I've not been happy with their selection.  Home Depot has no sales or quality selection.  Menard's has a better selection, but only OK prices.

Finally, the landscaping and sod may not get put in until later this fall due to the landscape berm issue holding everything up.  I will try to post the final pictures of this once it goes in along with pics of the blinds and paint job once they are complete.


  1. This is the fan we got, it's got a remote control temperature sensor and schedule setting. For example if you set the fan to come on at 75 it will auto turn on at that temperature or if you want it on when you sleep only you can set to come on from 10pm-6am. It's only $164 at the Home Depot. Here is the link. We got 2.

  2. Congrats!! We are getting our keys on Monday as well. Get some sleep while you can, it's going to be a very busy couple of weeks. Happy New Home!

  3. Congrats... Enjoy your new home and keep us updated.