Thursday, July 2, 2015

Getting Closer to Completion...

The house is getting closer and closer to being done.  They are finishing the porch metal roof and columns.  Also, they were installing appliances and window screens.  And they were also touching up the wall blemishes with paint.

I ran into the assistant PM while I was there and he was on a call to someone saying they needed to get more people there because they have a quality inspection on Tuesday.  He also told me they would have final grading done this weekend.  I mentioned if they did a really good job on the grading, I would give them 10s on the survey.

Shutters are all on.  Metal roof being finished.  Columns being worked on.

Front view.  Looking real good.

Left side of house and future location of shed.

"Stainless Steel" oven.  At first, I thought they brought the wrong one, seeing the black sides, but realized the front
(visible side) is stainless steel.

Dishwasher installed.  Cabinets still need hardware.

Chair rail installed in Dining Room.

Water meter installed.  PVC after meter.  This will make my irrigation tee a lot easier to install. 

Industrial Dehumidifier running strong.  We have a dehumidifier ordered from Lowe's.

This is not the final grading.  But they have drained my back yard pond to get ready for final grading.

Metal roof being installed.

Lamp post installed.

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