Monday, July 6, 2015

1 Week Left...

We have a week left until closing and there are still a lot of little things that need done.  The internal QAI (Quality Assurance Inspection) Ryan Homes does was scheduled for tomorrow and has been pushed back until Wednesday.  So, our Pre-Settlement walk-through was pushed back a day too.  We are signing the closing papers Friday too, but we don't get the keys until Monday, the 13th.

I didn't see a lot of progress today at Lunch time, because I think everyone had off for the 3 day holiday weekend.  They were beginning Final grading and the front porch sidewalk was poured, but not much inside was going on.

Front of house with final grading.

Final grade.  Front porch sidewalk added.

Right front of house.

Right side of house with dozer working on Final Grade.

More final grading.

Final grade at left rear of house.  Still need the developer to add berm with trees.
Here is the lot layout.  I plan to add 2' of pavers around the driveway and add a paver patio at the back of the house.
The trees outside the lot lines are will be by the developer and will be on a berm.  The trees on the lot will be planted
by me.  I don't have the Ryan Homes landscaping at the front of the house on this plan.


  1. You are moving right along. Why don't you get the keys the day you sign the papers?

    1. We were given a choice to do the pre-settlement walk-through and sign the same day or wait until the 13th to sign. Either way, we will get the keys on the 13th. By signing on the same day as the walk-through it saves us both from taking extra time off of work.

      However, before we sign, we will get a written list of all things that need to be fixed from our observations at the walk-through. These will be completed before the 13th.

  2. Your color choices are a perfect compliment to a gorgeous elevation. They make all the little details just pop. Now a bit of landscaping and sod will finish it up perfectly. It's simply beautiful. Congrats!

    1. Thanks! Landscaping and sod may take a few months, until they iron out the berm issue.

  3. Your house looks beautiful! I love the colors and the elevation. Good luck with your walk through!