Monday, June 22, 2015

Three More Weeks...

We have had a lot of rain last week and it looks like more is in store for this week.

There hasn't been much construction activity on our house, except for the brick and the one-coat interior painting.  I asked the painters if they were going to do a second coat and he said "no".  He didn't speak very good English, so maybe he didn't understand me.  There is a definite need for a second coat.

Tomorrow, we have Lowe's (blinds) and CertaPro painters (interior painting) coming out to measure and give us estimates.  I was going to order blinds online through, but Lowe's installation is pretty cheap ($99 for up to 9 and $10 each for 10+).  With the 10% off mover's coupon, this may be a really good deal.  I am also going to price Home Depot, since their installation cost is only $118 total, for as many blinds as you want installed.

Previously, I received a ridiculous estimate from College Pro Painters.  They were supposedly going to give me 30% off.  But, the final price ended up costing about $50/hour not including supplies, making the cost over $5000.  I think CertaPro will be a lot more reasonable.

I am going to install my own sprinkler system with the help of a pro.  I did my own design for the sprinkler layout thanks to  They have a design installation guide to help you out as a beginner.  (Here is the LINK).  Or, if you prefer you can have RainBird design one for you for free. (Here is the LINK).  Then you can order the parts directly from for a lot cheaper than the big box stores or local irrigation supply stores.  What would have cost me around $4500 for a sprinkler system will only cost me about $2000, installed.

I've asked our PM if they are still on schedule to complete the house in 3 weeks.  I see a lot of work that needs done and I see some houses further along than ours that are scheduled to close after us.

View of back porch.  Heavy rains filled up the basin and my backyard.


  1. Wow they are just finishing paint??!! They are going to have to pack in all the flooring, trim and cabinetry this week. They are going to have guys on top of each other to get it all done. It's been pouring here as well. We just had a two day stretch of dry weather and I was hoping for a driveway but that didn't happen. Tick Tock! Good luck on your time crunch. Did they ever get back to you on fixing your backyard so it's not a pond after every rain storm?

    1. And you thought yours wasn't going to be finished on time.

      They are supposed to be grading the rear of the lot this week, so we'll see if my private pond disappears.