Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pre-drywall Meeting

No pics today, but I updated the panoramic photo above.

The pre-drywall meeting went well.  They put up all the insulation already, so it was a good thing I took over 200 photos on Monday to make sure I know what will be where inside the walls.

Our "firm" Pre-Settlement walk-through is scheduled for July 9th and our Settlement date is set for July 13th.  Excited to have a date now.

They are planning to rough grade the site next week. Brick is scheduled for delivery tomorrow.  If the brick guys finish up this week siding will be going up next week.  Drywall is going up this week.

They had to rip out the porch concrete slab because they didn't allow for the brick around the base of the porch.

The developer has revised the landscape berm grading and now the berm will be off of my lot.  They are planning to grade this starting next week.

Interesting fact about our Property taxes in our county:  I called the county auditor asking when our property taxes will go up because of the new house.  (Property taxes are paid in arrears, so the first 12 months or so, will be based off of vacant land and the taxes will be lower for those months).  Our county only assesses once a year in January.  If your house is less than 50% complete by January 1, you only pay the land tax for that year.  This means we won't be paying property tax on the house portion until January 2017.  That's about $500 a month in savings (yes, we have high taxes).  This may not apply to you, so check with your county.


  1. Nice!! Quickly coming along. We have pre drywall mtg Monday. Our close date is Aug 5th however. I wonder how they come up with dates because your date seems quick and then I know someone whose date is only a week after ours but just got footers.

    1. I think it has to do with scheduling the subcontractors. If they can line them up one after another things go faster. But if they are busy on other houses/subdivisions, they have to spread the schedule out. Also, they know with our financing time frame, we need to close faster to get the rate we wanted.

  2. We just heard we will get our closing date announced next week. My guess for ours was July 18th. We had our pre-drywall two days before yours. Race to the finish? Lol