Thursday, June 11, 2015

Grading, Drywall, Bricks and Other Goodies

I was starting to wonder why our house was falling behind when others in the neighborhood are starting to get stonework and siding up.  But I noticed those homes don't have drywall yet.  I think they alternate the workers.

There was a small bulldozer pushing dirt around our our house (rough grading?).  Also, I noticed the developer finally got around to stabilizing the soil in the detention basin.  I am assuming the landscape berm is next on their list.  

Here are today's pics:
Brick has arrived.  I wonder if they are going to start  putting it up tomorrow?

Closer look at our brick - Sugar Creek.  Can't wait to see on the wall.

Here is the detention basin.  It looks a lot better.  They regraded the slopes and added hay/grass seed.
They still need to do something about all that water.

Rear of the house.  The small bulldozer was grading the rear of the lot.

Drywall tape up and pasted.  They may still come back and do some touch-up.

Picture from kitchen.  Wouldn't it have been easier to clean up where they mixed
the paste by putting down a tarp?

Goodies!  Cabinets, hardware, doors...  (Can you see the front door? - It's wrapped in plastic)


  1. I JUST posted about cabinetry being delivered as well. Our closing is either the 14th or 15th. This is starting to get really exciting. We scheduled the moving truck and delivery dates. How's it going on your end? AND how did you not open any of those boxes to get a sneak peek? I totally did!

  2. everything looks awesome!!