Monday, June 8, 2015

Drywall is Up

Update:  PM got back to us about the sprinkler system.  They sent us a form to sign that will allow us 10 days after closing before they install the sod.  So, that's really good news.


Drywall went up Friday.  They had about 10 guys there and flew through it.  The drywall still needs taped, but it's all up.  I was a bit peeved that most of the HVAC vent temporary covers were damaged/removed.  Trash and drywall dust has made it's way into the exposed ductwork.  I emailed the PM about this and haven't received a reply yet.

I entered a contest back in February at the Columbus Home and Garden Show and "won" 30% off of a paint job from a local paint crew.  They came out and gave me an estimate Sunday.  In a nutshell they still wanted way too much.  He told me it would take 84 hours to do.  Once I subtracted out for supplies the discounted price ended up being $30 an hour.  (This seems a little high to me).

I'm looking to have a sprinkler system installed.  I do not want to be watering, by hand every day, a half an acre of newly laid sod, in the Middle of July.  I asked one of the guys installing a sprinkler system for a neighbor to give me a estimate.  Also, the city that supplies our water gives a discount if you install a second water meter to be used exclusively for irrigation.

Now that we have a settlement date, we started looking at appliances more intently.  I have seen a lot of good deals, but Lowe's seems to be offering the most affordable protection plans (almost half the price of the others).  My plan is to buy from Lowe's and price match the competitors.  Plus they offer free delivery and free installation on appliances.

Now for the latest pics:

Front of house - not much new progress outside.

Temporary cover removed - drywall dust and trash falling in

1st floor bedroom

Looking across Kitchen to Morning Room

Looking towards Family Room

Looking from Morning Room towards front of house.

Looking from Family Room towards Kitchen

One of the second floor Bedrooms

Looking into Garage


  1. Wow it looks so clean. They have stuff everywhere in our house from doing drywall. We also have drywall dust in our ducts, even with the covers on. I'm assuming they vacuum it out, but I'll be keeping an eye out just to make sure. It's hard to imagine that your house will go from this to completely finished in just 5 short weeks.

    1. The PM got back to me and said they would vacuum them out. Why not just cover them up and leave them covered up to avoid the extra work?

    2. I ask myself that about everything. Why install crappy wood when it just needs replaced? Why install broken windows? Perhaps they like working twice as hard.