Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Visualizing the Finished Product

Here are some pictures of the Ravenna, Elevation M, including ours, in progress.  Our house is starting to look more and more like the final product.  I can't wait until the siding and brick go up.

Top: Current picture of our house
Middle: Final style of house. Our house will not have the bonus room/window over garage.
Bottom: Final style of house. Our garage will be side entry instead.

A few other key differences:
Our house will have the colors of the bottom picture, but brick from the middle picture.
Our house will have the partial roof, shown over the garage door.
The roof line over the garage won't be as high as the middle picture.

CAD drawing of Ravenna, Elevation M


  1. Wow, they are moving so fast, it seems like just yesterday you broke ground

  2. Looks good! Janae

  3. Love it!! Great progress. Are you guys planning to add shutters to the bedroom and dining room windows? I've been debating on this look with our Ravenna. I think I want to add black shutters here after move-in. Hoping we can since an HOA hasn't been established yet.

    1. I don't think we will add shutters there since the framing around the windows will be different there. The bedroom windows get a thicker window trim. Also, I'd hate to cover up the brick for the Living Room.