Monday, May 18, 2015

Roofing, plumbing and concrete

Today they are working on the roof and pouring the concrete slab for the porch and garage.  I also saw them doing some plumbing work inside the house.  I didn't take a panorama picture because there were a lot of vehicles parked in front, including the concrete (not cement) truck.  (Ask an engineer why it's a concrete truck and not a cement truck).

Right front of house.  They have put the felt roofing protection down and the roofing shingles are next.  See them stacked on the ridge?  They have put in a temporary front door too.

Right side of house.  They have added trim around the windows.

Right rear of house.  Here is a better view of the stacked roofing shingles.  They have also added the Morning Room porch doors.

Left side of house.  I want to add an attached shed just left of the garage, under the windows.  It will have matching siding.

Concrete guys finishing the garage concrete slab.

Can you see the Kwikset door locks?  Also, I want to see if they are intending to install the small window in the downstairs bathroom or if this is for the basement.

Front porch after concrete guys finished it.  I wonder how the guys working inside the house are going to get out?

PVC pipe for all of the Sanitary Sewer piping inside the house.  Bath tubs are being installed (not shown).


  1. Haha it looks like they'll have to dive out the windows. I love the idea about the add-on shed. We extended our 3rd bay and added a door at the back to act as a shed. I can't believe the plumbers are already there. The plumbers are just installing bathtubs at our house today. I'm telling you, your closing date will have to be around the same time as ours.

    1. When is your settlement schedule for? Ours is planned for mid-July

  2. Mr. Engineer, why is it called a concrete truck instead of a cement truck? Janae

    1. Hey Sis! Cement is used to make concrete. The finished product is concrete, not cement. The trucks deliver concrete.