Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pre-Drywall Meeting scheduled and Home Inspection

I got an email from my PM.  The Pre-drywall meeting is scheduled for next Friday or at the latest the following Monday.  This means electrical and plumbing should be completed by then.

Also, I have scheduled a Pre-drywall home inspection with a home inspector I have used in the past.  For $150 he will walk the house with me and point out any areas of concern.  I could have paid more to get a report and photos,but I don't see the need.

Ryan Homes is still working on the plumbing and roofing.  Here are the latest pics.

Roofing shingles being put on.

Front porch.  This is a temporary door.  Ours will have a nice glass window.
Side view of house.  Not much new here.
The rear roofing shingles are finished.
See the roofing guy hard at work?
Photo of poured garage concrete slab.
Neighbor's house.  They recently got their lumber.  Framing should start soon. 
Basement window installed now.
View from first floor bedroom window.  You can see the shower being installed.
It rained the last couple of days.  See the wet sub-flooring?

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