Thursday, May 21, 2015

More Progress

There has been additional progress at the house.  I ran into the HVAC folks installing the ductwork, which was actually a circular black plastic, instead of the silver rectangular you normally see.  I talked to them and they said they will be working tomorrow, so I offered to bring them pizza for lunch.

The roofing guy was almost finished.  But, I did notice a problem that I emailed the PM about.  They had started to put shingles over the porch, when this is supposed to be a metal roof.  Also, I inquired about the partial metal roof on the garage wall, which divides the vinyl siding from the shaker siding.

Now for the latest round of pics:

Front of house.  See the shingles they started on the porch?

Detention basin behind the house.  Still no changes, except for the skimmer finally added.
 Remember someone reporting the developer to the Ohio EPA for erosion control violations? I guess now the issue has escalated and the developer is in "violation".  They have to fix this fast or are going to start receiving fines every day it's not in compliance.

Huge piles of dirt were brought on site.  Maybe for final grading?

More water from the recent rains.  I would hope they dry this.

It looks like someone came through and did a framing inspection.
There are a bunch of markings with green paint and black permanent  marker pointing out framing problems.

Cracked window.

Picture of the HVAC ductwork being installed.

Boys shower/tub.

Laundry room hook ups and venting.

Basement, with vapor barrier, before concrete poured.

We have a garage door.

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  1. Looking good...glad you caught the issue with the roof!