Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Elevation M Options?

I just got an interesting email from our PM.

"I have to apologize, because I inadvertently told you that the porch roof and garage accent roof would be metal. I reviewed the file today and realized that you did not select the metal roof option. It was not indicated on the selections you made with ***, and my notes from our preconstruction meeting show it as a shingled roof. When I answered your email, I had pulled a print that showed the metal roof, but was not accurately drawn lot-specific. If you believe this is an error, please let me know. I didn’t see any change orders either that would have addressed the roof type on the accent roofs.
Again, sorry for the miscommunication, and please let me know if you have any documentation that would contradict this."

We were never told any of the items shown on the elevation drawing/plans were optional.  I emailed him back and said this.  Anyone encounter anything like this?

We'll see what happens next...



Frustrated with this whole issue, I began to pour over the documents I have.  I happen to have a copy of the elevation M plans from when we signed the contract and the one the PM has now (Don't ask me how).

I noticed a change to the plans and a revision note in the title box.  It seems the plans were modified after we signed the contract to make the Standing Seam Metal Roof Accents optional (for an additional fee).  The revision (REV. NO 2 : JEM - OPTIONAL METAL ROOF PROJECT) was made 1/30/2015 and the plans were printed on 3/16/2015.

So, it looks like we will get the Standing Seam Metal Roof Accents as expected.  However, if you are building a Ravenna Elevation M, be sure to confirm this with your SR.



Just got an email from SR:

"I did just meet with my manager and we discussed the Metal Roof with Elevation M. Long story short, I got it approved."

Wonderful news!

Lesson learned: document everything and keep good records.

Electrical Begins

A lot more miscellaneous things have been completed.  Most of the green painted framing issues have been fixed.  The HVAC guys are done and the Electrical guys are starting.  The basement concrete slab has been poured.  Also, a few minor roofing changes have been added.

Partial roof on garage wall has been added.  More flashing around windows and roof.
Trim divider added between where brick and siding will go.  Porch columns added.

Hose bib, Gas meter connection and A/C

Couple of attic vents added.

Radon roof vent added.

Not sure what "birdboxes" are.  Couple of electrical wires added.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

More Progress

There has been additional progress at the house.  I ran into the HVAC folks installing the ductwork, which was actually a circular black plastic, instead of the silver rectangular you normally see.  I talked to them and they said they will be working tomorrow, so I offered to bring them pizza for lunch.

The roofing guy was almost finished.  But, I did notice a problem that I emailed the PM about.  They had started to put shingles over the porch, when this is supposed to be a metal roof.  Also, I inquired about the partial metal roof on the garage wall, which divides the vinyl siding from the shaker siding.

Now for the latest round of pics:

Front of house.  See the shingles they started on the porch?

Detention basin behind the house.  Still no changes, except for the skimmer finally added.
 Remember someone reporting the developer to the Ohio EPA for erosion control violations? I guess now the issue has escalated and the developer is in "violation".  They have to fix this fast or are going to start receiving fines every day it's not in compliance.

Huge piles of dirt were brought on site.  Maybe for final grading?

More water from the recent rains.  I would hope they dry this.

It looks like someone came through and did a framing inspection.
There are a bunch of markings with green paint and black permanent  marker pointing out framing problems.

Cracked window.

Picture of the HVAC ductwork being installed.

Boys shower/tub.

Laundry room hook ups and venting.

Basement, with vapor barrier, before concrete poured.

We have a garage door.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Visualizing the Finished Product

Here are some pictures of the Ravenna, Elevation M, including ours, in progress.  Our house is starting to look more and more like the final product.  I can't wait until the siding and brick go up.

Top: Current picture of our house
Middle: Final style of house. Our house will not have the bonus room/window over garage.
Bottom: Final style of house. Our garage will be side entry instead.

A few other key differences:
Our house will have the colors of the bottom picture, but brick from the middle picture.
Our house will have the partial roof, shown over the garage door.
The roof line over the garage won't be as high as the middle picture.

CAD drawing of Ravenna, Elevation M

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pre-Drywall Meeting scheduled and Home Inspection

I got an email from my PM.  The Pre-drywall meeting is scheduled for next Friday or at the latest the following Monday.  This means electrical and plumbing should be completed by then.

Also, I have scheduled a Pre-drywall home inspection with a home inspector I have used in the past.  For $150 he will walk the house with me and point out any areas of concern.  I could have paid more to get a report and photos,but I don't see the need.

Ryan Homes is still working on the plumbing and roofing.  Here are the latest pics.

Roofing shingles being put on.

Front porch.  This is a temporary door.  Ours will have a nice glass window.
Side view of house.  Not much new here.
The rear roofing shingles are finished.
See the roofing guy hard at work?
Photo of poured garage concrete slab.
Neighbor's house.  They recently got their lumber.  Framing should start soon. 
Basement window installed now.
View from first floor bedroom window.  You can see the shower being installed.
It rained the last couple of days.  See the wet sub-flooring?

Monday, May 18, 2015

Roofing, plumbing and concrete

Today they are working on the roof and pouring the concrete slab for the porch and garage.  I also saw them doing some plumbing work inside the house.  I didn't take a panorama picture because there were a lot of vehicles parked in front, including the concrete (not cement) truck.  (Ask an engineer why it's a concrete truck and not a cement truck).

Right front of house.  They have put the felt roofing protection down and the roofing shingles are next.  See them stacked on the ridge?  They have put in a temporary front door too.

Right side of house.  They have added trim around the windows.

Right rear of house.  Here is a better view of the stacked roofing shingles.  They have also added the Morning Room porch doors.

Left side of house.  I want to add an attached shed just left of the garage, under the windows.  It will have matching siding.

Concrete guys finishing the garage concrete slab.

Can you see the Kwikset door locks?  Also, I want to see if they are intending to install the small window in the downstairs bathroom or if this is for the basement.

Front porch after concrete guys finished it.  I wonder how the guys working inside the house are going to get out?

PVC pipe for all of the Sanitary Sewer piping inside the house.  Bath tubs are being installed (not shown).

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Windows In

Again, these guys work fast.  The windows are in and they are starting to put roof shingles on.

Front of house.

Right front of house.

Right side of house.

Right rear of house.

Left rear of house.

Left front of house.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

More Roof

Here is today's picture update.

Front of house.

Front again.

Right side of house.

Rear of house.

Left front of house.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Roofing Going Up

And now most of the roof is up too.

Front of house.

Right front of house.

Right rear of house.

Left rear of house.