Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Paint Color Palette

Not sure if we are going to use Sherwin Williams paint yet, due to cost.  I have some coupons, so we'll see.  But I really like the "Rustic Refined" paint palette they have in the HGTV Home collection.  They create a softer, relaxing feel.

Here are the colors in the collection.

From: Rustic Refined Paint Color Palette by Sherwin Williams HGTV Home
Link to Sherwin Williams webpage

Specifically, I'm thinking:

Morning Room - White Raisin
Family Room - Outerbanks/Copen Blue
Dining Room - Smokey Topaz/Independent Gold
Living Room - Cascade Green
1st Floor Bedroom - Cascade Green  (Amish Quilt theme)
Bedroom 1 - Copen Blue (Coast/Lighthouse Theme)
Bedroom 2 - Outerbanks (Boy's Bedroom - Lego's Theme, but not too over the top)
Bedroom 3 - Outerbanks (French theme)  (May change color based on decor we find)
Master Bedroom - Outerbanks 
Master Bathroom - White Raisin
Upstairs Bathroom - Copen Blue
Downstairs Bathroom - Independent Gold

Here is how some of the colors look together:

From: Rustic Refined Paint Color Card by Sherwin Williams HGTV Home
Link to Sherwin Williams webpage


  1. Have you thought about having a bog box store color match the Sherwin-Williams paint? We did that when we lived in Mississippi, and we were really pleased with the results.

    1. Not until you mentioned it. I have been on the fence regarding what paint brand to use. Sherwin Williams has a sale coming up with 40% off. In the past I have always bought from the big box stores, but it was only a few cans at a time. This time it will be around 25 gallons. I'll compare prices. Thanks.

    2. I compared prices and the best SW paint (Emerald) will run about $200 per 5 gallon, while the best Behr (Home Depot) will run about $150 per 5 gallon. The savings would be around $250. That would definitely be worth it. Especially, if I can get an extra 10% with the moving coupon.

  2. Thinking how you are. How is BM compared to SW? The one thing we want though is to have our entire downstairs professionally painted. So we make no mistakes. We likely will just do one color. I like that Copen Blue. Good choice.

    1. That's a good idea. I hadn't thought about having half of the house professionally painted to save on the cost.