Saturday, April 18, 2015

Broke Ground

Update: Got an email from the PM today stating:

"To be honest, I was surprised that they dug your home on Friday as well. It had been scheduled for Monday (today). I found out late afternoon Friday that they had decided to get a jump on it. I would have let you know if the schedule had changed, but that was not the case."

So, it appears, there wasn't any miscommunication.  He just didn't know.

We were told by the PM that the ground breaking wouldn't happen until Monday or Tuesday.  However, I decided to drive out to the lot today to check on things and sure enough it looks like there is a hole in the ground.

Site of our future home

So now I'm wondering why our PM isn't communicating with us.

We are super excited that the house building has started, but a bit miffed that we are not be kept abreast of the development.

Here are more pictures of the dig:

Looking North to South

Our "pond" is still there...

Looking South to North

Looking West to East

The boys are happy to see the house started.


  1. Yay for giant holes!! This is when the fun begins.

  2. Honestly, sometimes your PM doesn't even know! These guys show up when they want to, they could have finished another job early, yours was next, and so they started. Your PM is never going to be able to keep you updated blow by blow, if he does he will be the first in history, so don't hold it against him. I would be more concerned if you were BEHIND. Just keep doing what your doing, stopping by as much as you can, asking as many questions as you can, ENJOY!!!

    1. Thanks for sharing this. I've been frustrated because they keep pushing our dig date back. Now that it has begun, I can relax. I thought, somehow, the PM had more oversight during the process, but I guess he doesn't.

    2. I guess that makes me so concerned that my PM tells us a date and nothing happens. when we email asking, he gives us another date. so so frustrating. Dont know what to expect now :(

    3. Hate to say I was right.............but I was right. LOL. Told you your PM prob didn't even know himself :). They really try hard, but this biz moves so fast, its tough. ")

  3. So exciting! The boys are going to love all the space. Janae

  4. Good to see that the work has started!!! Before you know it, you'll be writing your entry about closing!!

    1. I know. Things are moving along now. I've been following your blog and it's amazing how fast a home can be built.