Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Insteon Home-Automation Assurance Kit for $99.99

Update:  Best Buy just raised the price to $149.99.


If you are still looking for a cheap, quality home security/automation kit, Best Buy has the INSTEON - Assurance Kit - White (2522-232) for only $99. Regular price: $199.99. (Price at Amazon: $187.)

This is the a step up from the starter kit.  This kit includes:
  • Hub
  • 2 dimmer modules, leak sensor, motion sensor, open/close sensor
  • Cables, Ethernet cable
  • Mounting hardware/brackets, batteries, labels
  • Owner's manual
There are no monthly fees and you can add on to this kit.

INSTEON - Assurance Kit - White (2522-232) 

Insteon 2522-232 home-automation kit for $99.99 shipped (plus tax).
Regular price: $199.99. (Price at Amazon: $187.)


  1. Wow, this is a great find -- thanks for sharing! We didn't choose the Guardian option but we definitely plan to install something. We're so early along in the process we haven't decided what yet, but this is impressive.

    1. I bought one as soon as I found out. I expect they will go fast. Also, I didn't mention this, but it also integrates with a Nest thermostat (something we plan to buy).

  2. :( I wish I saw this post 2 weeks ago, thats a great deal. Do you know much about the system?

    1. I know what I read from their website and what I gathered from reviews on the internet. The thing I like the best is being able to monitor it from your phone. Also, that it integrates with Nest. We wanted something that did double duty, like provide home automation (light controls, thermostat, etc).

      We didn't want a monthly service for security. Just something to let us know the house is safe while we are away. Crime in our area is pretty mild. If crime were more of an issue, we may have decided to go with a monitoring service instead.

      However, if something happens, we can call the police. I plan to add a couple of HD cameras to integrate into the system. That should help in identifying any would-be thieves.