Thursday, April 9, 2015

Final Grading and Sod

No, we haven't somehow completed construction yet.  In fact, they haven't even broken ground yet (supposedly this coming Monday).

What I want to know is if anyone has had any final grading and/or sod issues.  I was driving around  the neighborhood and noticed a lot of irregular lawns.  There were valleys where the water service line had not been backfilled correctly (I think), and the ground had settled leaving bumps and valleys on the lawns.

I contacted the PM to ask about this and this was his reply:

"This is settlement that will need to be corrected. Many lots were sodded late in the fall and the ground hadn't had enough time to settle. We warrant our lots with a one-time settlement repair during the first year for cases such as these. It is not done on purpose."
I'm curious how they repair the settlement.  Since the sod has already been laid and has started taking root, will they pull it up, regrade and resod?  Or just add dirt on top and add seed.

I am tempted to ask if they will wait on sodding our lot (they are required to sod the entire half acre).   Then, let the ground settle for 3 months.  I'll get a lawn roller to make sure the ground is compacted, have topsoil delivered, and then have them add the sod.

Has anyone done this?


  1. I was concerned about damage from building on adjacent lots. I was told they use a sod cutter to remove the damaged area. Then they resod after the fix. I couldn't say for sure if your development does the same.

  2. You guys are lucky!!! In NC they do not sod the entire yard. I don't think it hurts to ask. Since the Landon will be our second Ryan home we know that we will immediately have a professional maintain the yard until it matures. Failure to do this (especially in the south) usually means you'll have a terrible looking yard or extra money spent on rework.

    1. I think this is optional here. They just chose to do the entire lot. The other builder for this subdivision only sods the front yard and seeds the rear.

  3. At least you get sod. We get seed. Color me unimpressed.