Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Starting at Price Went Up

I have been monitoring the Ryan Homes website for several weeks to see if there were any changes in the Home prices.  Good news - the "starting at" prices went up about $20,000.

This is good for a couple of reasons:
1. This may indicate the appraisals have been coming back higher.  Since we already locked into the price, it's like free home equity.  (Say goodbye PMI)
2. Also, since we already locked into the price, we saved that money.  (Makes me wonder how much the homeowners paid that have homes already built).

Whatever the reason, its good news.  I have read some some blogs where the houses went up by as much as $50,000 from the signing of the contract to closing.

Lastly, we are now being told we will break ground in late March.  It's getting close.

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