Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pre-Construction Meeting

We had our Pre-Construction meeting today.  Things went as expected.  Our PM went over our house selections, floor by floor, including our exterior choices.  He answered all my questions listed on the
"Pre-Construction Questions" page.

We found out our Breaking Ground date is scheduled for April 6th.  Our Pre-Settlement date is scheduled for May 11th-15th and Closing is set for June 18th-25th.  We were hoping for a Closing date in July, but maybe with the typical construction delays it will get pushed back.

Additionally, we received an update on the landscape berm.  It is only going to be 3' tall and will partially sit on my lot.  Needless to say, we are not happy.  We were originally told it was going to be 4-5' tall and not on our property.  I do not fault Ryan Homes, just the developer who is trying to save a buck by cutting corners.

Also, the proposed landscape berm will create a drainage problem for me because all of the neighbors lots will drain towards mine, which is not what was approved by the county engineer.   Plus, there is no drainage easement allowing them to do this.  So, technically I can install a dam and the problem becomes my neighbor's.  (Probably won't, but I could).

Here is a picture of the staked lot I took today:

They had the bulldozers out pushing dirt from the lots to make the landscape berm.

Also, they revised the types of trees on the buffer to:

White Spruce
Norway Spruce

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