Thursday, March 26, 2015

New Furniture

This last weekend we stopped at furniture store that was running an awesome sale: 55% off everything.  We are needing a few items for the house, specifically a table with chairs for the Morning Room and a Sofa and Loveseat.

We've been looking at La-Z-Boy Gallery for the Sofa and Loveseat, but even with the 35% off they were going to give me they couldn't beat this other places prices.

For the Morning Room, we are getting:

Winner's Only, Quail's Run - 6 piece set ($990)
Winner's Only, Quail's Run - Sideboard ($608)

For the Family Room:

La-Z-Boy Reese Reclining Loveseat - ($945)

La-Z-Boy Reese Reclining Sofa- ($980)

This is the fabric we selected for the sofa and loveseat:

We may also pick up the following matching tables for the Family Room:

Winner's Only, Quail's Run Table set


  1. I really like the dining room table and chairs. It would look neat if you added different chairs at the ends. It's really popular right now and breaks up the redundancy. I like the sideboard as well but again, it may stand out more with a different style and color such as red, black, green or something with a darker wood stain. I'm sure the accessories you add will help with this as well. Good choice on the sofa and loveseat. I personally think the matching tables would blend in too much with the sofa and loveseat. Maybe try something with a darker wood stain. Janae

    1. Hey sis! Good advice. I added the fabric to the post to show we are getting a darker color (to hide potential stains from the boys - they're messy). We may just keep and use the coffee and end table we currently have but don't use (it's in the basement) because of space. It has a white base with a lighter wood top. I thought the contrast would be nice with this couch, but also tie in well. Mostly, I am trying to match D's dark red recliner and my brown leather one. Once we add red/brown pillows, I think it will come together. I think we will paint the walls a tan color, but I'm open to ideas...

  2. Love your selections and great deals. I am looking for a similar table for the morning room and the same Reese recliner in leather. I didn't know we could buy the same couch from any place other than the La-Z-Boy Gallery.

    1. Yes, and maybe for a better price. Make sure the furniture store is an authorized retailer for warranty purposes. I think La-Z-Boy Galleries tend to cost more because of the overhead required to have the big showroom.

      Both places had to special order the sofa/loveseat and it would take 6-8 weeks. La-Z-Boy Gallery wanted 30% down and the other furniture store only wanted 20% down. Also, both places can hold the order for up to 90 days once it they have it locally. The balance is due at delivery. So, we have flexibility for when it is delivered, since we only have a rough idea of when closing is (June-July).