Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ravenna Elevation M Side Garage

We will be meeting with our SR later this week to pick colors for our Exterior.  We are looking forward to this, but are a bit nervous, knowing this will be a big decision.  I asked our SR for copies of the blueprints, but she told me they are copyrighted and cannot be copied.  However, she did allow me to look at the hard copies in the office.

Instead of making copies, I did the next best thing.  Using the brochure for the Ravenna and pictures of the Elevation M I found on the internet, I drew up my own elevation.

Here is a picture of a Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) Elevation I made of our future house.  I know AutoCAD pretty well and wanted to create a blank slate of our Elevation so we could try out different exterior colors.  I also used StoneCAD to download and use a better brick hatch pattern.

This is our Ravenna, Elevation M.  Our floor plan is reversed since we have a left side driveway.  Also, we chose the side garage, so the windows on the left are actually to the garage.  We do not have the Bonus room over the garage, but Elevation M gets you the false gable, which is a nice architectural feature.

Please note, this is not an actual elevation taken from any Ryan blueprint plans, just my representation of it.  It may not reflect the final outcome in dimensions or layout.  So, keep that in mind if you use this image.

And here is one color option:


  1. Great job on the CAD drawing. There is a good tool called HomeStyler from Autodesk that will let you have some fun with furniture placement too. I was addicted to it during my build. Let me know if you have any Ravenna specific questions, it was a great experience.

  2. Thanks Steve. I will definitely check that out.

  3. Looks very nice! Good luck with everything!

  4. I'm so envious of your side garage. We really wanted that but there was only 2 lots left with that option and we didn't like the location plus they didn't offer the walk-out basement we wanted.
    So, what exterior colors are you leaning towards? The picture looks like perhaps Spanish Olive siding and Sandy Tan shaker siding?...

  5. We were originally going to go with the 3 car garage option, where the third garage would have acted as storage. But, we changed to the 2 car side garage and saved some money.
    We have a meeting coming up on Sunday to discuss exterior colors. We are leaning towards some like the model home picture you have on your blog. I think that is the Spanish Olive and Sandy Tan. We are stuck with brick though. I asked about switching to stone like you did and got a big No.
    On a plus side there are very few houses with brick or have the side garage. Most of the homes are partial stone with 3 car garages.

    1. The model home on our blog has exterior colors: Irish Thistle siding with Sandy Tan shaker siding. If you want a true actual picture of it I can do that for you. I don't live far from the community & can do it this week. Just let me know. You can let me know your email or I can do a post for you to see the actual house.

  6. Yes, thank you. That would be great. Can you add a "Contact Form" gadget (under More gadgets) to your blog? Then I'll send my email address.