Monday, February 9, 2015

Sheds, Fencing and Solar

We are meeting with our SR this Sunday to pick out colors for the exterior.

Since our Ravenna Elevation (M) has only the partial brick option* we have to pick a brick color first.  Then we will get to look at a pre-color-coordinated paint selection set to go with that brick color.  We want a lighter color brick, almost tan in color, but we are afraid this may limit our other color choices.

I asked about some more questions about the HOA rules and here is what I found out:

The HOA does not allow sheds.  However, I have seen some in the subdivision, so maybe this is not a hard set rule or as some fellow bloggers have mentioned, these can get "grandfathered" in.  I did read a blog (can't remember which one) where they put the custom built shed against the house and used the same siding, so it looks like it is part of the house.  We may do this.

The HOA allows split rail fence.  I like fencing.  (I'm originally from California where it seemed like everyone had fencing, even when you back yard was only 10' deep.)  I do not want the 6' high, can't see your neighbors, fence.  Just one that defines the property lines.  Plus, if we get a dog (I promised the boys) one day, it will help.  I'm thinking about the split rail with wire shown below.

SR is not sure about Solar Panels and is asking for us. Anyone put in solar panels? I know our new home will already be super energy efficient, but with all the current incentives, rebates, tax credits, etc. it seems like it might be prudent.

* Ask your SR if you can change this to partial stone as this blogger (SterlingQuad) did:

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  1. That fencing is nice! We are putting fencing up too with our 2yr old twins on the loose. ;) We are looking at your style or the black wrought iron. It all depends on how our Ravenna turns out after. We are having black shutters but with the white gables and trim I don't think you can go wrong either way. I'm leaning more towards your style. Depends on pricing too.