Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Plot Plan

We just received our plot plan and it looks like they fixed the lot closure error.  But, I found another mistake: it had the wrong street name.  I cropped the details, lot info and street information, so you won't see the mistake here.

Here is the plot plan.

The lot is currently pretty flat, but they must be worried about drainage (or want to be able to gravity drain the basement sewer) because they raised the building pad about 4' higher than the street.  There is a steeper drop (6') in the back; more than I had pictured in my mind.

There was talk about putting in a 5' high mound behind our property.  I bet they are taking two feet of dirt from the back of the yard and using that dirt to create the mound.  That explains the steeper slope.

However, I am pretty happy about how the lot layout has all turned out.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I have been trying to ask my SR for this but didn't know what to call it, now I can ask more clearly. I love your CAD drawings. I have been working in Visio trying edit my floorplan and lot with all my options but with exact measurements it's hard. floorplan they have on their website leaves a lot out I want to know. And getting to look at their blueprints it's like pulling teeth, they don't want you to look or study to hard. I don't know what all the symbols means so I want a picture so I can look it up to make sure I understand. I already missed the fire hydrant in front our house that I asked them were they were, they told me they weren't on the plans yet. Yall are lucky to have sure a big lot, great for that future dog, lol

  2. Did the flooring people give you any copies of the floor plan when showing you where carpet, tile, etc are going? The copy they gave me had all the interior dimensions. Also, when we signed the contract, we also signed a paper saying we could view the blueprints for the house, subdivision, etc at the model anytime we wanted. We just couldn't make copies. Which floor plan do you have?

  3. Page, if you need any help with identifying the symbols. let me know. I'd be happy to help.

  4. We just had the same copy that's online, missing measurements in the hallways and closets, things like that. We did see the real blueprint when we signed but I didn't write down the measurements like I should have. We don't have a model yet in community and the office is by appointment only now. I'm sure if I setup appointment they would let me see them again. We are building an Ernest Hemingway. You have been so helpful, thank you.