Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lot error

Even Civil Engineers make mistakes.  I found a mistake on the Recorded Plat.

Today, I used a copy of the revised Subdivision Plat to draw our subdivision in CAD.  I wanted to add our floor plan to our lot to get a better feel for how much space we would have in the backyard.  I know that eventually we will receive a Plot Plan showing this information, but I like drawing in CAD, so I thought I'd do it for fun.

Lot lines are drawn by:
Bearing - includes a direction NorthEast, NorthWest, SouthEast, SouthWest (to determine a quadrant) and angle (measured from 0-90 degrees).
Distance - the length of the line

When I drew the Bearing and Distances shown on the Plat for our lot, I noticed our lot didn't close.  This means one (or more) of the bearings or distances was wrong.  I think I found the error and let the SR know, who is passing this information on.

Fixing this is very important because incorrect lot information can cause serious land disputes in the future.  You may find out you have more or less space than you thought.

Here is the problem I found:

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  1. Great catch! I'm sure the people at Ryan Homes love you :) Janae