Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Landscape Berm

The back side of our lot sits about 150' from a mild, four lane (two lanes each way) highway.  There is not enough noise that it constitutes the need for a wall.  However, our township has required the developer (not Ryan Homes) to install a 4-5' mound and landscape it with trees, similar to this:

However, there is a problem.

The road is about 50' from the edge of it's Right of Way (ROW).  (They can't build it in the ROW)
Next, there is about 30' designated for a Drainage Channel (opposite of a berm) Easement. (So, they can't build it there).
Lastly, there is a 70' Overhead Power Easement.  (The power lines are pretty high, but I don't think the Power company is going to let them plant trees there that close to a power line).

That leaves the varying 3'-15' (my lot only has the 3') green space for a the landscape berm.  It is starting to sound like the berm will take up part of my backyard, which is not what I was originally told.  Also, the Plot plan does not show it this way.

Waiting now to see what the official plan is...

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