Friday, February 13, 2015

How to find your Subdivision's Recorded Plat

I know some of you area having a tough time finding information about your lot.  So, here is a step by step process to find the recorded plat for your subdivision.  (Keep in mind that not all Counties have Subdivision Plats available on the internet.  You may have to visit your County's Auditor/Recorder/Engineer office to obtain a copy for a small fee.)

Step 1. Google your county's auditor (may be listed under county recorder or county engineer too)

Step 2.  Open the webpage.  Click on the link for something like "Property Search Tools" or maybe it will have a direct link.

Step 3. Find the link labeled "Subdivision Plats".

Step 4. Type in the name of your Subdivision.

Step 5.  Click on the "View Plat" to see the Subdivision Plat.  (This is a plat zoomed in).

On the Plat you will find Easements, Green Space Reserves, Lot acreage, Building setback information and pin locations.  Hope this helps.


  1. Thanks, for posting this. Our doesn't have it online our County, but it does list the address for the office. I think I'm going to ask if our SR can show us this, if not I will being making a trip to the office to see.

  2. Good news, our SR sent us a copy, the plot plan at least. They told us it was called something different resite instead plot plan. Funny is they knew what we were talking about when we said plot pla. I wonder if our County cause it something different. It has all the information we were looking, now being able to understand that is the question. Got research to do.