Friday, February 13, 2015

Guardian Low voltage selections

I thought I had a post about the Guardian low voltage meeting, but I can't find it.  Must be reading too many other blogs and thought I had made a post also.

I originally met with the Guardian Home Technologies representative on January 26th.  He gave me a quote for a prewired security system, a home audio system for Living/Dining/Family/Kitchen, and for one extra data outlet (you get three cable, data, or telephone for free).

I met with him again yesterday to finalize our selections.

With all of the wireless security systems on the market today, at a cheaper monthly price, we decided to pass on the prewired home security.  We will add something like the SimpliSafe system( once we close/settle.  It's only $15 a month.

However, with technology what it is today, we may opt for the Insteon ( system, which includes a lot more in the way of home automation.  It doesn't offer the professional monitoring, but it does include a nice phone app and integration with a lot of home devices, including the Nest thermostat (

We removed the home audio package from the quote due to cost ($1400), but chose to have them wire it so we can do it at a future date ($600).  We are at the FHA loan limit, so any extra money we spend now will have to be added to our down payment at closing.  (The OHFA Grants for Grads program we are using, has FHA loan rates at 0.25% lower than Conventional, so we are striving for the FHA).

Update: Found out the equipment to add at a future date will be $1500.  I will probably just add wireless speakers to the house later.

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