Saturday, February 14, 2015

Columbus Home and Garden Show

I braved the weather and went to the Columbus Home and Garden show today (  It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot.  Plus, there were a lot of raffles and freebies.

There were lots of exhibits, including Landscaping, Home Improvement, Remodeling, etc.  My favorite was Pete DeLois' Recreations Outlet.  They had trampolines, basketball hoops and play centers.  I think we might buy a trampoline and basketball hoop for the house.

I also gave my contact info to several house painters to get a free estimate to paint the house and talked to a couple fencing/landscaping guys about installing a split rail fence and patio/deck.  Plus, there were two solar panel companies there.  So, I got to talk to them a little about solar as an option.

There were also three water softener/filtration companies there.  Anybody adding a water softener to their house?

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  1. We will be adding a water softer to our house. We have one now where we currently live and love it. We have pelican salt free softer. it's pricey but worth. Very easy to install yourself, only told a couple of hours, counting the trip to the store to get supplies. I recommend getting the clear pre filter cover so you can see when it needs to be changed. I choose this system after hours of research. The other types of systems had cons like wasting water, using power, or putting salt into the water, this didn't.