Thursday, January 29, 2015

The journey begins...

I like to use Zillow ( as a search tool when looking for real estate. After many months perusing homes in our price range in the neighborhoods we wanted, I was disappointed with choices available; Nice homes on small lots, overpriced taxes, small kitchens, outdated decor, etc.

Once again begins the journey of someone building a Ryan home and blogging about it.

My goal with this blog is to share our home building experience with family and friends, especially those who do not live nearby, but want to be kept in the loop with our grand adventure. I will try to be vague concerning names and places, in order to protect the privacy of everyone.

Our family (of four) decided it was time to look into buying a house in 2015. We expected to start looking in the spring at already built homes, with no thought to buy a new build.

However, Zillow also lists new homes being built. And this is how I found our future subdivision.

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