Saturday, January 31, 2015

Design Center

Our experience at the Design Center was wonderful.  We were running behind and arrived about 20 minutes late.  However, this didn't seem to bother our flooring specialist.  She was friendly, didn't pressure us into any decisions, and was very knowledgeable and respectful of our choices.

Prior to the meeting I had emailed her and asked for a cost sheet of all of the flooring options, so we wouldn't be surprised and have to make a large purchase decision in a short time.

Because of our latest revisions (see last blog), our budget for flooring options was tight. For the kitchen we had previously chosen the Timberlake Rushmore Square, Painted Hazelnut Glaze for the cabinets.

We selected the Formica (Antique Mascarello) for the counter-tops.  At some point in the future we will upgrade to granite or stone, but for now we are budget minded.

We did, however, upgrade to get the rounded edges, instead of the flat ones.

And for the Kitchen, Morning Room, Foyer and first floor Bathroom we selected the Armstrong Vinyl 66178.  Again, at some point we want to upgrade most of the downstairs to hardwood or laminate floors, but for now it will be the resilient vinyl.

Here is a picture of them all together, taken at the design center.  The colors may be a bit off in the photo we took,  The ones above are from their websites.

For the bathrooms, we kept the standard cabinets, Timberlake Fairfield Square Wheat.

The downstairs bathroom has the same vinyl as the kitchen, but the upstairs bathrooms and Laundry room has the Armstrong Vinyl 66177 resilient vinyl.

The counter-tops for all the bathrooms is the standard, solid white cultured marble.  Here is a picture of it all together, taken at the design center.

Lastly, we settled on the standard carpet (Shaw Baseline 00747 Thornwood) with the standard padding.  I'm not really happy with it, but it is affordable.  It will probably be the first flooring upgrade we make after we move in.

So, what do you think?


  1. Looking at your pictures, I was like wow I love the granite they picked, then I read it wasn't. It really looked like real granite with rounded edges. You total got me there. It's easy to upgrade countertops later.

  2. The design center lady said the countertops will look so nice, we won't want to get rid of them. But, we probably will at some point when we get a little extra money.

  3. Love the kitchen cabinets! Good choice with keeping everything neutral. Janae

  4. We are going with Vinyl too.. I guess it should be good for a few years and then out hardwood down the lane.. Your selections are awesome!!