Monday, July 13, 2015


Today we close and get the keys to our new house.  We already signed paperwork, but are waiting on the loan to be funded before we get the keys.

However, there are still a few things that Ryan Homes needs to complete.  They still need to paint the exterior trim and clean up the porch.  They need to install the roof drain underground piping to the curb.  They need to install sod and landscaping.  Also, the landscape berm will be installed sometime in the near future.

A lot of people have said it only took them about an hour to sign paperwork.  Ours took 4 hours...

We had an appointment at 12:30 and arrived on time to be told we would have to wait about 5-10 minutes while they made some last minute updates to the paperwork.  We waited 30 minutes.  Then once we started signing we noticed a couple of errors (last name spelled wrong, mailing address incorrect).  Who would have thought such minor problems would have taken so long to fix?

They blamed the mailing address mistake on my homeowner's insurance provider.  Our agent had given us a quote a couple months ago before we had a physical address.  So, he used the model home address to get the right rates.  When the policy was created, he updated the physical address but not the mailing address.

But why everyone else creating all the closing paperwork took this as gospel, we'll never know.  They kept pointing fingers and claiming they needed the revised policy with the correct mailing address to complete the paperwork.  Finally, we got our insurance agent to send a corrected policy and we were able to wrap things up.

Shouldn't somebody review the closing documents prior to closing, to look for errors and avoid wasting time on closing day?  Just a thought.

Any way, this week will be filled with painting, appliance and blind installation and moving.  Lots of things to keep me busy and I might not get a chance to post another post for a few days.  I will be sure to post more pics too.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pre-settlement Walk-through and Settlement

Tomorrow is the Big Day.  I can't believe it's already here.

Tomorrow is the Pre-settlement walk-through and paper signing.  However, we don't get keys until Monday.  (We decided to sign early so we wouldn't have to take two days off of work).  We will be making a list of things they need to have fixed my Monday, which they will sign off on.

Now the really good news:  Our closing costs are about $1400 less than expected.  The Good Faith Estimates (GFE) we have been receiving have all been missing the credit Ryan Homes gives us for prorated property taxes. The final HUD paperwork has this credit.  Now what upgrades should we spend this on?

I know some people have had issues with NVR Mortgage, but our Loan Officer and Processor have been nothing but fantastic!  They have been really easy to work with and willing to answer any question I have had throughout this process.  Great work Matt S. and Dawn S.!!!!

We are shopping for six ceiling fans and can't decide where to buy these from.  I have a coupon for Lowe's plus they are running 15% off all ceiling fans, but I've not been happy with their selection.  Home Depot has no sales or quality selection.  Menard's has a better selection, but only OK prices.

Finally, the landscaping and sod may not get put in until later this fall due to the landscape berm issue holding everything up.  I will try to post the final pictures of this once it goes in along with pics of the blinds and paint job once they are complete.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Final Rough Grading

Here are the pictures I took today. We are getting closer and closer to a final product.  Can't wait.

Front view of house.  Siding and trim all complete.  Waiting on landscaping.

Front of lot graded.  They are going to bring a skid steer to do the touch-up.

Rear of house with final grading.  I'm not sure why we had to slope up to rear so high.
I guess it doesn't matter since we will add a deck here later, which will step down.

Garage Opener installed.

Shower door installed in first floor bathroom.

Knobs are on cabinets.  All appliances are in.

Railing is installed.  I'm not a fan of the white wood color.  I plan to replace with iron balusters ASAP.

All wire shelving is in.

Front walk to porch is in.  Not sure why it is so spotted.

Front door is painted.

Backyard.  If the developer doesn't put trees along rear of lot, we will.

Looking back towards house.

Side of house at garage.

Monday, July 6, 2015

1 Week Left...

We have a week left until closing and there are still a lot of little things that need done.  The internal QAI (Quality Assurance Inspection) Ryan Homes does was scheduled for tomorrow and has been pushed back until Wednesday.  So, our Pre-Settlement walk-through was pushed back a day too.  We are signing the closing papers Friday too, but we don't get the keys until Monday, the 13th.

I didn't see a lot of progress today at Lunch time, because I think everyone had off for the 3 day holiday weekend.  They were beginning Final grading and the front porch sidewalk was poured, but not much inside was going on.

Front of house with final grading.

Final grade.  Front porch sidewalk added.

Right front of house.

Right side of house with dozer working on Final Grade.

More final grading.

Final grade at left rear of house.  Still need the developer to add berm with trees.
Here is the lot layout.  I plan to add 2' of pavers around the driveway and add a paver patio at the back of the house.
The trees outside the lot lines are will be by the developer and will be on a berm.  The trees on the lot will be planted
by me.  I don't have the Ryan Homes landscaping at the front of the house on this plan.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Getting Closer to Completion...

The house is getting closer and closer to being done.  They are finishing the porch metal roof and columns.  Also, they were installing appliances and window screens.  And they were also touching up the wall blemishes with paint.

I ran into the assistant PM while I was there and he was on a call to someone saying they needed to get more people there because they have a quality inspection on Tuesday.  He also told me they would have final grading done this weekend.  I mentioned if they did a really good job on the grading, I would give them 10s on the survey.

Shutters are all on.  Metal roof being finished.  Columns being worked on.

Front view.  Looking real good.

Left side of house and future location of shed.

"Stainless Steel" oven.  At first, I thought they brought the wrong one, seeing the black sides, but realized the front
(visible side) is stainless steel.

Dishwasher installed.  Cabinets still need hardware.

Chair rail installed in Dining Room.

Water meter installed.  PVC after meter.  This will make my irrigation tee a lot easier to install. 

Industrial Dehumidifier running strong.  We have a dehumidifier ordered from Lowe's.

This is not the final grading.  But they have drained my back yard pond to get ready for final grading.

Metal roof being installed.

Lamp post installed.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Attack of the Blue Tape

Visited the house again at lunch and I couldn't find a place to park.  There were at least 10 vehicles parked in front of our house.  There were several people cleaning, a couple of guys working on the kitchen and a couple more guys working on the siding.

The weather was nice today, so this will give the concrete a chance to cure a little better.  Carpet was finished too.

When I walked into the house there was blue tape everywhere.  They must have gone through several rolls.  On a positive side, they are catching a lot of the problems.

Siding almost completed.

Driveway set up fast.  People were already walking on it.

Blue tape everywhere.

In the kitchen too.

Lots along the stairway.

More on the second floor.

And in the bedrooms.

Our garage.  Can't wait to install a basketball  hoop over the garage door.

Close up of front of house.  Door still needs painted.  Columns need added.  Metal roof over porch needed too.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Carpet, Lighting, Driveway and Front Door

Looks like they are kicking it into high gear now.

They were installing the carpet and front door today. I imagine they will finish the carpet today. Between yesterday and today they managed to put in all the lighting too.  But, one thing that concerns me is the driveway.  They were able to pour it and add the finishing to it.  But, just as I was leaving it started to rain.  They rushed to cover the driveway with plastic, but I don't think they had enough, though.

Moving along on the siding.  Say cheese guys.

Finishing up the driveway, right before the rain....

Carpet guy, busy at work.  They still need to add the chair rail to the Dining room.

Dining room lighting.

Railing stained and installed.

Very busy in our little cul-de-sac.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Two More Weeks...

There are only two weeks left until we close.  I'm still not sure how they plan to pull this off before then, but the PM says we are on schedule.

We hired CertaPro to paint the house.  We are using the four following colors from the Sherwin Williams Rustic Refined paint collection:

These colors don't always look the same
on computer screens.  The paint chips
show the color better.

Morning Room - White Raisin
Family Room - Bittersweet Stem/Copen Blue
Dining Room - Cascade Green
Living Room - Bittersweet Stem
1st Floor Bedroom - Cascade Green (Amish Quilt theme)
Master Bedroom - Cascade Green
Master Bathroom - TBD
Bedroom 2 - Copen Blue (Boy's Bedroom)
Bedroom 3 - Bittersweet Stem
Bedroom 4 - White Raisin
Upstairs Bathroom - TBD
Downstairs Bathroom - TBD
Laundry Room - TBD

We opted not to have them paint the bathrooms and Laundry room yet.

We also purchased our blinds from Lowe's.  We were still undecided on where to buy our blinds from, but the Lowe's sales rep called me Saturday and told me the Levolor rep was there and offering another 5% off.  I told him if they could also match Home Depot's labor charge, it was a deal.

So, we purchased the Levolor Visions, 2" custom Faux Wood blinds, in Lush Oak.  They we 25% off due to the sale, plus we got another 5% off, installation was only $100, and we were able to use the 10% off mover's coupon on top of everything.  $1600 installed, including tax, for 29 windows.

Finishing up the siding.
Driveway getting ready to be poured.

Cabinets are in.  Too much white.  Can't wait to paint walls and add back-splash.

They had to repour the front porch again - not enough overhang.  Third times a charm?
View from Morning Room.  They are staining the upstairs railing. 

Master Bathroom.  Cabinets, fixtures and toilet are in.  Gonna need to do something to give this bathroom some spice.

A/C installed.  I'm still not sure why they mount these on a cantilever so far from the house.